Who are you guys?

  • Nop

    Stefan, founder of GameArt.

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    Martin, founder of GameArt.


About & Imprint


This is a tribute to the former GameArt.com, the first and only of its kind page for fan contributed computer game art - mostly Quake 1/2/3 related. See the main page for more information.

This website is a private, non-profit project run by a former admin of GameArt.com.

What you can see here is the content of GameArt.com when it was closed in 2003. The domain gameart.com is owned by NCsoft since about 2007.


This site, gameart.onderka.com ist hosted and maintained by me, Nop, co-founder of GameArt.com. For more information see www.onderka.com/about/ (attääänschen, German!) and the main page.

Copyright & Legal

All brands, names, logos and other copyrighted material are property of their respective owners. This site is in no way affiliated with id Software, PlanetQuake,IGN or NCsoft who own the domain gameart.com now. This is a private, non-profit tribute website.

All material posted on this web site is the intellectual property of the respective creators. Many authors are unknown as of today, because their synonyms, nick names, websites and/or email addresses simply do not exist anymore. Artworks and other content by known authors is marked accordingly. Email addresses from images with existing meta data are known but not displayed for obvious reasons.

GameArt.com was granted the right to publish submitted pictures by submission policy back then, and so these rights are still considered valid. If you want an image, name, address or other content removed, please contact me – see below.

European GDPR & German DSGVO

Me, this server and obviously its harddisks are located in Germany and therefore strictly comply to the European GDPR and German DSGVO regulations.

If you have any GDPR related questions and/or requests, for example regarding your Right to Erasure, just contact us - see below.


This site's design is loosely based on minimaxing by HTML5 Up! and the 5grid framework by n33.


If you can spot yourself here, if you find one of your long lost creations or if you just want to say "hello again", just drop me a line at gameart@onderka.com. This is for you, 3, Tek and all other artists out there.

More detailed information in German can be found at my site: onderka.com.