Who are you guys?

  • Nop

    Stefan, founder of GameArt.

  • Braindead

    Martin, founder of GameArt.


Nop's files, CO2 stuff and various tools

Here's some of the she stuff I created during my time at www.planetquake.com/co2/ and GameArt.com.

All my work on this page is released under a Creative Commons (CC) BY-SA 3.0 license.

Files by me

"Death at DM5" Quake Comic

Version Link
Online View
Zipped (2.7 MB) dadm5.zip

Misc files

Quake Maps, various "Throbbers" for IE and color palettes.

Description Download
Quake II HUD icon set CO2pak.zip
Quake II deathmatch map CO2 Sewer CO2sewer.zip
AAS file for CO2 Sewer map CO2sewer_aas.zip
Corel PhotoPAINT color palette for Quake II CorelQpal.zip
Cards for Impel's Abyss of Pandemonium mod impel_cards.zip
Paint Shop Pro color palette for Quake II PspQpal.zip
Quake1 animated logo for Internet Explorer Q1Throbber.zip
Quake II item cards Q2cards.zip
Quake2 animated logo for Internet Explorer Q2throbber.zip


Most of these can also be found in the GameArt.com Gallery.

Other files

The files mirrored below were not created by me.

They're copyrighted for sure and here as a reference only.

"Dank and Scud" comics by Michael Houston

Michael has his own nostalgia page, dankandscud.com.

Description Download
1 - Salt and Pepper dns_issue1_en.zip
2 - Watersports dns_issue2_en.zip
3 - Marine Corpse dns_issue3_en.zip
4 - Pretty Head Machine dns_issue4_en.zip
5 - A Void at All Costs dns_issue5_en.zip
6 - It's a Wonderful Half-Life dns_issue6_en.zip

Various tools

Description Download
MedDLe 2.0p Quake model editor/viewer meddle2p.zip
Modelook 0.08a Quake model editor/viewer modelook_win32_0_08a.zip
MD3view 1.51 Quake model editor/viewer md3view_v1_51.zip
jawMD2 1.31 Quake skin editor/viewer jmd2-131-windows.zip