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GameArt Spotlight #32

"Heroic Bloodshed" by Kyri Koniotou

Image 32

Image details

  • Title: Heroic Bloodshed
  • Gallery ID: 00667
  • Artist name: Kyri Koniotou
  • Posting date: 1999-08-17 (a Tuesday)
  • Artist website: http://www.freespeech.org/darkpathimages
  • Tags: the, opera, halflife, half-life, half, life, john, woo, sean, christi, comics, paintings
  • Image size: 37.58 KB
  • Votes: 24

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Spotlight article

Hiya guys and gals....I'm Kyri of Darkpath Images...Don't get too scared now. This is a pic I did for the up and coming Opera game based on the John Woo films. I started off by sketching out the characters Sean and Christi in my sketch pad.

They where then scanned in and the first step was to put flat colour them. I used a pic I had painted to texture them, then shaded using the cloning tool at different opacities.

Next I used the smudge, dodge and burn tools and finally neatened them up.

For the background I used a combination of photos and artwork. I used a pic I did of the opera character Mark, firstly making him blue on a black background then setting it to "screen", and changing the opacity.

I played around with the photos, cut and paste, dodge, burn and the filters. Then textured up the roof. Finally I neatened the whole thing up, phew, and there you have it.

Text written by Kyri Koniotou for GameArt.com