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GameArt Spotlight #38

"Its Abe!" by RebelXD

Image 38

Image details

  • Title: Its Abe!
  • Gallery ID: 00707
  • Artist name: RebelXD
  • Posting date: 1999-09-25 (a Saturday)
  • Artist website: http://www.3dpalette.com/rebelxd
  • Tags: abes, oddworld, exodus, grunts, monsters, mouths, ugly, shut, dumb
  • Image size: 95.98 KB
  • Votes: 27

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Spotlight article

I was trying to come up with some ideas for a sketch for my art 10 class, i have 15 sketches due really soon, so i was basically drawing anything i could think of, then abe popped up in my head and i thought since i hadnt done any art on the computer for over a month it might be fun to do abe as a wallpaper.

I started out with the sketch obviously, I had to draw abe from memory since its been like a year since I saw a picture of him last. So it might not be right on, but it looks about the same if I remember right. So I scanned it in, and I was left with a big picture, so I decided to keep it that size while I do the filling.

This is the part I hate, I traced over the image with the lasso tool so I could fill it, only my mouse sticks all the time so I had to go over with the lasso tool like 6 times before I actually got the sketch outlined. Anyways, once I had that, I just made a new layer, and a new channel of the outline.

I filled in the selection with a light green and went from there just doing basic shading with dodge and burn. Basically the whole image is just airbrushing. Once Ii finished with the shading, I flattened the image, and then cleaned up the pencil marks around the eyes and stuff, then used the fill tool to make a black background, except I had all the pencil smudges and marks that interupted with the fill, so I just went along the whole image with a black paintbrush and cleaned up the ugly pixels. Thats really all, not a whole lot to say. I did the whole thing in a couple hours one evening. I was gonna texture it but I liked the clay look it has; and thats the conclusion of a digital Illustration ... Rebel-Style.

Text written by RebelXD for GameArt.com