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GameArt Spotlight #42

"Kane" by Costas Koniotis

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Spotlight article

Heya, I'm Cos the saner half of Darkpath Images and I'd like you to meet Kane, another Quake inspired character. If you like Kane and would like to make your own here's how using a squeezy bottle, some sticky back plastic and a bog roll...

First I pensketched Kane.

Scanned into Photoshop 5 and with a new layer set to multiply I put basic colours on him.

I used a texture on the suit to give it that cracked up rusted look and messed around with the colours a bit.

Made a background using the filters, then worked into the whole thing using the Burn, Dodge, Smudge and Clone tool's.

Continued working the final details, and finished up putting smoke from the gun using the difference clouds. And there you have it, your very own Kane. Tune in next week where we'll be making the Kane doll house with matching accessories, see ya =)

Text written by Costas Koniotis for GameArt.com