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GameArt Spotlight #57

"Night belongs to a Necromancer" by Adam Kosh

Image 57

Image details

  • Title: Night belongs to a Necromancer
  • Gallery ID: 00893
  • Artist name: Adam Kosh
  • Posting date: 2000-04-30 (a Sunday)
  • Artist website: Unknown
  • Tags: diablo, II, diablo, 2, diabolic, vamires, paintings
  • Image size: 11.07 KB
  • Votes: 28

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Spotlight article

I started drawing pictures for the Diablo.org contest so I could win myself a copy of Diablo II. I started with almost a full body drawing of the Necromancer, not really sure on the final resulting picture. After I worked out the bugs of the picture, I figured out the main area I was going to work with, then began to color indepth. The pictured took me about 4 hours, I only slightly slacked off at the end. *Smirk*

When I draw my concept art for photoshop work, its really sketchy. No real detail other then the comic book type shading. I drew three other concept drawings; one of the Paladine and another two of the Barbarian.

My current project is a short five minuet animation with five character drawings for Teletoon, a television network. I'm trying to make a horror animation to scare the pants off people. Probably will have something with this "Shadow Ninja" character.

Text written by Adam Kosh for GameArt.com