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GameArt Spotlight #58

"Crusader of the holy Graal" by Mattias Borg

Image 58

Image details

  • Title: Crusader of the holy Graal
  • Gallery ID: 00897
  • Artist name: Mattias Borg
  • Posting date: 2000-05-07 (a Sunday)
  • Artist website: http://www.student.hig.se/~kp99mbg
  • Tags: warcraft, ii, warcraft2, knights, medieval, paintings
  • Image size: 23.73 KB
  • Votes: 35

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Spotlight article

Why I did this image? First of all I am wery interested in history and an other thing is that I love Warcraft II.

First of all I started with a simple body, which I dressed with all accessories. Everything on this picture has it´s own layer in photoshop, and drawn with the pen tool. I like the control with that method.

The way I did the metal on this picture was that I first colored a surface with gray and then used the burn- and the doge-tool to make the gradiants of the surface. I used a small brush and a wacom tablet with pressure on, so the surface would get a bit of a bumpy look. After a bit of work with these tools I used brightness/contrast to encrease the contrast of the metal. After the contast change I used the burn-tool some more, just to get the dirty look of the metal.

When I had my armor ready I started on the cloak. I started wondering how it would fall over his shoulder and I laborated with it a while. It looked rather thin so I made a seam so it would look thicker.

The sword was tricky to do, I used the same technique as with the metal but first I wanted the handle be more like a soft material handle. But a friend of mine wanted it to be metal and the handle was too straight so I had to change it. Steel and silver is rather simple to make realistic while copper and gold is much harder, atleast as I did it. Right this moment I came up with an idea that would have simplified my work alot. If you make your golden piece as it was a steel piece and then use another layer over that one and colorise it whith the color you want our metal to be and then use color as the layers mode option.

Hmm, the sword can´t just float on the back, so I made leather belt so it could hang on the back. I just had to figure out how leather reflects light.

What would the picture be without a background. What can I say about that ...hmm. I used the wacom tablet to paint it in photoshop. The reason for the northern lights was that it would be a comlement for the color of the cloak.

The last touch was to change the color of the image and create a bit of a misty feeling. Then it was done.

Text written by Mattias Borg for GameArt.com