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GameArt Spotlight #61

"Haste: SunGirl" by Andy Hodgson

Image 61

Image details

  • Title: Haste: SunGirl
  • Gallery ID: 00904
  • Artist name: Andy Hodgson
  • Posting date: 2000-05-14 (a Sunday)
  • Artist website: http://www.hastesoftware.com/~ahodgson
  • Tags: Haste, the, 5th, element, girls, women, sexy, faces, portraits, paintings, red, hair
  • Image size: 30.59 KB
  • Votes: 33

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Spotlight article

Well as a game artist, its my job to "concept" sketches and any other related art for CG Characters etc etc, (you get the idea) - so, this "SunGirl" was one that was originally going to be named "Zodiac", (one of the main characters in the game), of course beauty at its finest helps sell silic...erm I mean computer games, well help potential marketing at least..

Anyways. As always the way I work, is I also sketch first but this one was pastel's, anyways, next step.

Colouring and detail and the chance to totally change the picture from the original concept :) or at least that's what usually happens at this point for me.. but I managed to retain the original thoughts for once... progress moves on, and she is now in rough terms, basic colours and very light basic shading with no background.

As you can see from this pic, its very bland and basic and incorrect in ill light source. - but it gave me a great template to work from, and from here on end its just adding the makeup really and giving the full detail and backgrounds etc etc.

Because of who she is, a "sungirl" wanted to make her cute, (hence the bigger eyes) and bright... the original was a lil bit dark in contrast, so to get the mood correct I upped the gamma by adding a few overlay paths to the picture to give it that "bright feeling" but without loosing quality..

So a new babe was born in August of the year 2022... we call her "Sungirl" (and yes she is prettier than Lara Croft) :)

Text written by Andy Hodgson for GameArt.com