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GameArt Spotlight #7

"Ahhhhhh!" by Alex Kay

Image 7

Image details

  • Title: Ahhhhhh!
  • Gallery ID: 00465
  • Artist name: Alex Kay
  • Posting date: 1999-01-24 (a Sunday)
  • Artist website: Unknown
  • Tags: quake2, bfg, bones, green, xry, x-ray, light, buzz
  • Image size: 31.24 KB
  • Votes: 60

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Spotlight article

I set the scene up using Quake Scene Builder (QSB 1.6, nice app) and exported two separate images. The first with the background and the guy firing the BFG and the second with only the dude about to be fried. I had also setup the light source in QSB to be where the ‘plasma ball’ is to get the shadow effect reasonably accurate on the floor and backwall.

The two images were then loaded into Photoshop 4 and layered. The first thing I did was grab my trusty Wacom pen and smooth out most of the jaggies. I also added additional detail here and there.

On a new layer I drew a white circle approximately where the light was and then a few lines radiating out from the centre. I then selected that area and ran a radial blur to achieve the ray like effect. This was then run through a ‘Neon Glow’ action I downloaded from somewhere (my thanks to the author). This produced a yellow glow, so some adjustment layer (curves) work saw this changed to green. I added the white bit in the middle by hand afterwards, blurring it in.

The skeleton was then hand drawn over the guy, based on my sketchy knowledge of anatomy. I did this in white and then messed around with various filters to get a 3d look. I think I ended up using emboss (funnily enough) as it gave the correct lighting effect. While I like the end result, the left foot annoys me as it doesn’t look at all correct.

I used the lighting effect filter for the floor and back wall, masking off areas I didn’t want affected. I then placed a curves adjustment layer over everything and gave it that wonderful green hue. Then spent some time with the pen touching up bits and pieces.

I can’t remember how long it took, but I do tend to play around trying lots of different effects before I’m happy or get fed up and go do something else...

Text written by Alex Kay for GameArt.com