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GameArt Spotlight #76

"Chrono Cross" by Jason Long

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Spotlight article

I wanted to do a drawing with some characters I knew people would be interested in. After going through a few gaming mags I came across an advertisement for Chrono Cross for the Playstation and knew I found what I was looking for =^.^= Using a #3 pencil I sketched out the characters trying to catch every detail.

When I was happy with the main sketch I took out a clean piece of paper to trace the drawing and get a nice clean look. Sometimes I'll trace a drawing two or three times changing little aspects each time until I'm happy. A sharp #3 pencil is a great alternative to using a pen because I get a much thinner line.

After the drawing is cleaned up I'll send it through my scanner. Using Corel PhotoPaint I'll put the drawing through a series of "filters" to clean it up even more. Raising the Brightness, Contrast, Intensity, and sharpness level can really improve the quality of your sketch. I'll color the drawing using your basic fill tool, or the spider web coloring tool for the tight areas.

Once I have the basic colors down I'll begin the shading using the spider web tool. I always try to use a darker color than I should for the shading because I'm going to have to soften it up later anyway. To soften the shaded areas I go over the edges with the paintbrush tool with the same shade color, giving it a softer look.

To finish it up I'll add a few highlights here and there, and maybe go over the outlines again to give it a sharper look. That's it! Masterpiece =) Took me around 20 hours.

Text written by Jason Long for GameArt.com