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GameArt Spotlight #78

"Daggermaster" by Sigbjorn Kronenberger

Image 78

Image details

  • Title: Daggermaster
  • Gallery ID: 01017
  • Artist name: Sigbjorn Kronenberger
  • Posting date: 2000-09-23 (a Saturday)
  • Artist website: http://home.no.net/kberger
  • Tags: Street, Fighter, martial, arts, karate, kung, fu, kungfu, drawings, characters, bruce, lee, lee, ryu
  • Image size: 162.68 KB
  • Votes: 22

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Spotlight article

Firstly I pencilled the drawing on paper ( unfortunately I don't have the drawing anymore, as I've already inked it. ) After inking it I scanned it in as a greyscale picture 300 dpi.

I opened it in Photoshop for the finishing. I then proceeded to put in the darkest shadows and color on his pants on separate layers in multiply mode As seen on Daggermaster.

After that I put in the skin tone and used the burn and the dodge tool for depth ( highlight and shadow ).

Using the same technique I painted some blood on him and some reflection, which I made simply by painting with the airbrush ( 50% ) lightly over the areas I wanted to be reflected. For the sparks I used one of the built-in brushes provided with Photoshop.

Finally I made a gradient of dark blue to white and put it in the background. That's it!

Text written by Sigbjorn Kronenberger for GameArt.com