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GameArt Spotlight #89

"Escher Ganger" by Fritz Pascual

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Spotlight article

This is my third artwork I posted here this Month and like the others it's based on one of Games Workshops games that take place in the Warhammer 40K Universe. Although I don«t play any Games Workshop games I like the Setting very much and the Stories in the Games Workshop Novels fascinate me. But enough about Games Workshop, let«s start on the picture.

This is basically a Pencil drawing that was clorized in Photoshop. First of all I wanted to draw one of the new Boltguns from Warhammer 40K. But Boltguns alone are boring, so I ended up drawing this female ganger shooting something to pieces with this weapon. It took me about half an hour. I scanned it in a quite high resolution and then I started painting in Photoshop.

First I set the pencil layer on "multiply", then I started painting in the basic colors for the different bodyparts and the gun on a different layer. Then I shaded the different parts using the airbrush tool. I don't usually use the lighten and burn tools, because they tend to freak up the colors. I also added the muzzle flash with the airbrush.

After that I drew the background, trying to stick to the pencil lines I drew earlier.

The last thing I did was adding smoke and additional lighting to round things up. Et voila!

I like to use Photoshop, because the picture keeps its pencil borders. When I paint in oil or acryl the pencil gets buried under a thick layer of paint and I have to re-draw the borders with a brush. Well I hope this gave you a little insight on my photoshop technique. Actually it doesn't really differ from the tutorial on this site.

Text written by Fritz Pascual for GameArt.com