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GameArt Spotlight #91

"Elven Warrior" by Adrian Lai

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Spotlight article

First I started with the sketch of the elf and scanned it into the computer. Using photoshop, I opened up the sketch and duplicated the layer. The new layer's blending options was set to multiply to see the sketch as I painted.

Using the paintbrush, I painted on the basic colours with brush set at 100%. Shadows were painted next using a darker tone of the basic colour with the brush set at 50%. When that was done, I used the smudge tool set at 75% strength and blended the colours together. The hair was done by pulling strands of hair using a small smudge brush set at 95% During the painting, I figured that the elf would look better without the cape, so I erased it.

After the whole picture was coloured, I deleted the sketch layer and created a new layer and filled it with a light blue colour. I then used the filter/clouds option give the sky effect. This layer was then set to background. This is one of my first photoshop artwork. I am still very inexperienced with it, but hopefully that can change with more practise. My thanks go to Rob Thomas for his tips on using photoshop and his inspiring artwork. I highly reccommend anyone interested in doing photoshop art to visit his webpage. He has a terrific detailed tutorial available, which is where I started learning photoshop from.

Text written by Adrian Lai for GameArt.com